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The Tax Matters team have been specialising in working with financial advice clients for over 17 years. With a highly experienced and professional team, they work with clients to complete their personal tax returns, and thoroughly understand the strategies, structures, and products that are used to achieve client goals.

Our Approach


The Tax Matters approach consists of:

  • A simple, quick and convenient client experience

  • Flexible process - face to face, GoToMeeting or phone based appointments

  • Value adding client experience

  • Certainty around your tax return

Alliance with Bantacs Accountants Qld Pty Ltd

We are excited to move into our second year of working with Bantacs Accountants Qld Pty Ltd based in Ningi, near Bribie Island. Bantacs are a Queensland based business servicing tax and accounting clients from the Gold Coast up to Mackay. This alliance will assist our existing Tax team in:

  • further facilitating more face to face appointments

  • providing more support services to small business owners

  • achieving faster turnaround times for tax return completion during peak tax times

What does this mean for you?

Our existing Tax Matters team will work closely with Bantacs accountants via a central booking process and allocate work based on preference and capacity, allowing us to ensure work is completed in a timely matter. You still have the option to send in completed paperwork and alongside our revised 2019 Tax Work Book. This work book contains an authority for you to sign to allow us to share information on your behalf with Bantacs relevant to the completion of your tax return (should your job be allocated to Bantacs to ensure privacy and protection of your personal information). If your tax return is allocated to Bantacs, they will be set up on the ATO Portal as your Tax Agent and will be in a position to complete and lodge your return. Bantacs will also complete the processing and billing for the work.

Get in early

For those who do not need to wait for investment provider tax statements which tend to come in late August / early September please take the opportunity to book your appointment in July and August with us.

Contact our team on 07 3721 4400 or taxinfo@financialadvicematters.com.au to find out more and schedule your appointment. Based on your needs we can assess whether this can be booked prior to the end of August. If you have other friends or family who you would like to introduce to our service we would be very happy to assist. We look forward to helping you with your tax needs.

Your 2019 Tax Workbook & Checklist

The 2019 Tax workbook is now available and can be downloaded using the button below.

Simply complete the workbook and bring to your appointment with a member of our Tax Team, or forward through via email to taxinfo@financialadvicematters.com.au along with supporting documentation.


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